TKC Classes of Competition

All minimum weights below include kart with driver.  All karts are to be weighed as they leave the track following a scored race heat or final.  

Tulsa Kart Club reserves the right to determine the class eligibility of any driver. 

Other classes may be added as entries warrant (minimum of three entrants per additional class). 

Weights below are "official", but weights in the current version of the TKC rulebook always take precedence in the event of a discrepancy.

Kid Karts

Spec kart class with stock 50cc Comer engine per KART rules,

or sealed 4-stroke Honda Kid Kart formula.

Ages:   5 - 8

Minimum Weight:  150 lbs. (4-stroke weight TBD)

Junior 1 (2-cycle and 4-cycle)

Cadet or full-size kart, with Yamaha KT-100 with Walbro WB-55 carburetor, Comer 80cc per 2008 KART rules (run as 2-cycle class), or F4 engine per TKC specs (as 4-cycle class).

Novice class available for beginners, drivers eligible for 1 year only.

Ages:   7* - 11

Minimum Weight (Yamaha):  235 lbs.

Minimum Weight (Comer):  215 lbs.

Minimum Weight (F4 Stock Jr.): 225 lbs.

* 7 year old Junior 1 drivers must be approved by TKC Management.


Full-size kart, with Yamaha KT-100 formula or Spec PRD Junior TAG

Ages:   11 - 15

Minimum Weight:  285 lbs. w/ Yamaha;  310 lbs. w/ TAG

TaG Classes

Karts per TAG USA spec as of March 1, 2009, with local exceptions (see rulebook)

TaG - Ages:  12 and up*  (Ages 12-14 require TKC Management approval)

TaG Senior Heavy - Ages:  16 and up

All minimum weights based on Engine & Exhaust package (see official rules document).

Formula 4

Full size chassis, Stock (sealed) and Super Stock (AKRA) classes

Ages:   12 and Up

Minimum Weights (See rulebook for official numbers):

F-4 Stock Light:  315 lbs.

F-4 Stock Medium:  350 lbs.

F-4 Stock Heavy*:  390 lbs.  (*Ages 15 and up)

F-4 Super Stock:  350 lbs.

Super Sumo

Full size chassis, using one of the following engine packages.

Ages:   15 and Up

Minimum Weight (F-4 TKC Super Spec):  450 lbs.

Minimum Weight (KT 100 4-hole can):  410 lbs.

Minimum Weight (KT 100 Pipe): 445 lbs.

125cc Shifter Kart

Full-size chassis, any moto gearbox or ICC engine.

Ages:   16 and up

Minimum Weight:   TBD